15 Facts About Music
Every Writer Should Know
(Part 1)

music for writers

The Creator of all that was ever created recently gifted me a friend who seems to know every time I am experiencing a writer’s block. Struggling earlier regarding what I should write about today, she suddenly appeared and started talking about Chopin and past lives.

And… BANG… the Muse suddenly began knocking on my writer’s door again.
Well… reincarnation is one of my favorite subjects but today we will talk about music.

I have to admit… music is in my blood. Most of my readers call me M.C. but… few know that M stands from MiReLa. Well, yes, my parents gave me a very musical name and their first choice for my career was to transform myself into an Opera Diva, especially desiring to perform in Carmen by Bizet. Yes, I think you already figured it out… Carmen is my middle name and yes, this is where my initials MC come from.

Now… let’s just say that I was a very good child and I tried hard to fulfill their wish… under my shower head. 🙂

I only hope that my neighbors were not too shocked by the trills they could hear daily. In fact, I tried so hard to sing that one day I decided to become an engineer and then later a writer.

But… I have to admit that I simply love music!

There are only a few styles that did not enchant my heart. As for my writing… I mainly listen to classical music while writing. It simply boosts my creativity and gives me a very special state of mind. While listening to Tchaikovsky, I can even add treasures on paper. From time to time, I prefer epic music.

Maybe you are wondering… why am I writing about this today, when you were expecting to read a Feng Shui article?

In case that you are waiting for an answer, I will mention that…

feng shui music

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  1. Feng Shui is about energy and its influence on our life. Music is energy also, and it definitely has a great influence on the writer’s life.

  2. Depending on the writer’s chosen niche, there are styles of music that really help.

  3. There are several modern bands and interprets who perform the Feng Shui music, which is mainly a stress reliever and rearranges the energy in the auric field of a person. Writers are included, of course. 🙂

  4. As far back as you can go in time, sounds and especially music have always left a strong print on man’s hearts. Exceptionally creative persons are highly influenced by the sound of music.

  5. A writer can write in perfect silence, but… if he combines the creative mind with the sound of music, depending on the harmony, magic can happen.

  6. To write, you need to adapt your mood to your niche or genre. If you choose well, your writing will be outstanding. Music increases or decreases your vibration level. The music that resonates with a level that suits your genre is the best choice you can make. Usually, it is best to listen to your heart when you choose the music that you need. No one can tell you what to listen to. Your heart always knows best.

  7. Music is also a stress reliever not only a boost for your creativity. Whenever you encounter a writer’s block, listen to relaxing music. It will decrease and annihilate your stress level and soon your Muse will visit you again.

  8. The sound vibration of Feng Shui music regenerates the Chi around you. The sounds of gong, bells, chimes, produce a good and powerful Chi.

  9. Feng Shui music is composed and based on the yin-yang theory and its purpose is to improve the life of the listener. Through the release of its sound, the writer can tremendously increase his productivity and creativity.

  10. The yin-yang theory states that the five elements, respectively (earth, metal, wood, fire, and water) correspond to five organs in the human body (spleen, lung, liver, heart and kidney). Also, the five organs correspond to five modes of Feng Shui music (kung, shang, cheuh, jyy and yu). These modes use musical elements that improve the Chi for the listener.

  11. It is said that the Feng Shui elements are released by the music of animals that they correspond to. Regarding this, I will be back with more details.

  12. Feng Shui music releases a very powerful energy that once it enters into the listener’s body, it brings health, happiness, and good fortune. Now… tell me what writer prefers to be ill, sad and unlucky?

  13. Music has a different meaning for each of us. The music that is pleasant and relaxing is considered to be Feng Shui and can be used to improve someone’s life. When you use music as a Feng Shui remedy in your writing life, use clear sounds and avoid very loud music.

  14. When at your writing space the yin energy is too much (meaning a deep silence embraces your environment), you can balance it by playing music of elements, soothing music or ring a metal bell. Try to avoid highly energized music, but, of course, you can boost your writing by listening to it if you are a fiction writer, and your genre is related to horror, wars, etc. This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to listen to other kinds of music your heart desires. It only means that this type of music is not a Feng Shui remedy in your writing life.

  15. Music that balance your chakras, music for meditation, reiki and Tibetan music, music of the five elements, are very effective Feng Shui remedies.

And now…

feng shui music for writers


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  1. Metal
  2. Wood
  3. Water
  4. Fire
  1. Earth
  2. Wind
  3. Chi
  4. Yin and Yang

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