5 Secrets Your Mom Never Told You About Feng Shui

Come on! Be sincere here!

Has your Mom ever told you anything about Feng Shui?

If yes, it means you are lucky. If no, then you are like most of us. There are very few chances the answer was going to be “yes”. But let’s not be worried about that. Even if our moms didn’t consider it necessary to share with us the Feng Shui secrets when we were kids, we could still share what we know with our kids now.

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Whether the child will take it into consideration, this you can’t influence very much.

Only that, being the adult in the house, you can influence and decide some aspects of your child’s writing life.

Well… Yes!

Your child is also a writer. As long as he has a desk and homework to do, you can call him a writer.

Being a writer, he is facing similar problems as the writer inside you has to face. Why not influence his creativity, productivity, and the desire to do his homework better, when Feng Shui practitioners give you elementary advice.

Your child needs a special relation with his Muse also. Do you recall the moments when it seems that your child simply refuse to do his homework? No matter what you tell him, nothing can change his mood.

Listen… in those moments, your child has what we writers love to call the “writer’s block”.

As writers, we try so hard to overcome this state! We sweat trying to change the blank paper or screen that stare back at us, into a piece of artwork.

And the child? How can an adult help him without yelling and forcing him to do things he hates at that moment?

Of course, you can prevent many of those situations. Since most kids’ working space is located in their bedrooms, we will focus on this room.

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Let’s see what remedies Feng Shui offers.

  1. The kid who works at the computer desk should not face the bed. In case that you cannot properly arrange the furniture in the bedroom, you can use some Feng Shui remedies, meaning using a decorative screen that will hide the bed. Or, if the financial situation permits, you can replace the bed with a sofa.
  2. The best position for your kid’s computer desk is closer to the room’s entrance door. This stimulates the flowing energy, the yin-yang balance achieved, and, as a result, the bedroom will be healthy for your child.
  3. In case that you were uninspired and purchased a corner desk for your child’s bedroom, don’t worry. You can still have remedies for this situation. Add green houseplants in hanging baskets or pots. These plants will not only eliminate the energetic tensions created by the desk but will also minimize electrical fields that disturb the chi.
  4. Use blue colored spots in your child’s bedroom for encouraging his high thoughts, and purple which will boost his creativity.
  5. And last but not least, teach your kid to un-clutter his desk, so the energy will positively influence him. Yes, I know… you already tried this, and I hope you were luckier than I was with my daughter. You don’t need to feel ashamed if you failed at this point. I know very well what it means to have a stubborn child. You are a writer, and your imagination is above average. However, even if this is true, even if you have a huge imagination, I am not sure that you can imagine how my daughter’s desk looks. Well… I don’t think I failed… rather, they are at that special stage of being teenagers. We know how it is. We’ve already been there.

But… being a teenager is already another subject. 🙂

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