5 Tips To Boost Your Writing Productivity

writing productivity

Being a writer you need not only concentrate on increasing your creativity but also on productivity.

There is no reason for you to be creative only from time to time and not use this creativity on a long term basis which will in turn attract the needed success, and of course a good financial situation. No writer needs to be a hero who writes only for others yet starves doing it.

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  1. Feng Shui your time. You knew this already, didn’t you? But… what do you do for this? My advice is to evaluate your working hours, to set a program and most of all… to keep it. Having a program, sooner or later will become a habit and your brain will receive the right signals when you’ll need to write, especially when you have a short deadline. Declutter your schedule annihilating the sterile moments when you simply loose time in your attempt to check your social networks, emails and so forth. Eventually, you’ll want to fix a schedule when you’ll be socially active and stick to it.

  2. Add a small plant or a fountain in the South-East corner of your office. Adding these elements in the creation corner will increase your productivity and attract more potential income based on your writing act.

  3. Use a quartz crystal in the North-East corner of your desk. It will help your concentration and your focus on what you need to write.

  4. If you want your reputation as a writer and fame to increase, focus on the center back of your desk where the fame space is located. You can place your business cards there or a nameplate. The color to use is red.

  5. Decorate your office with images that represent abundance, so creativity, productivity, success, and money will abundantly come into your writing life. You can help the flow of energy by using Chinese coins, an abundance ship, a wealth vase, the laughing Buddha, citrine or pyrite crystals.

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