FENG SHUI… The Secret Ingredient For Your Blog

The Secret Ingredient For Your Blog

Maybe you’re tempted to say that you can Feng Shui your home and physical environment but not your online appearance. Well… energy is everywhere. Therefore, it influences your life in multiple forms and spaces. If a space is physical or virtual, energy is still present there.

In our days, most people consider that Feng Shui is a fashion and a decorating art. In truth, it is not and will never be related to fashion; more than this, Feng Shui is a science, one of the most ancient sciences we know. It is about Chi in the living environment and it explains how to use Chi to help with specific goals.

As a blogger, an important part of your living environment is your online platform; therefore, it is more than appropriate to take into consideration Feng Shui principles to help your online presence.

Feng Shui is also a form of forecasting. Many practitioners today neglect this characteristic. However, if you know the types of Chi that will affect your website in a particular year or month of the year, you can Feng Shui it to be prepared and overcome any situation. Why talk about a specific month or year? Well, because you can forecast the increase or decrease of potential traffic, for specific holidays, or annual events. If you, for example, are selling various items to students through your website, you know for sure that the month before the school year starts, the number of visitors will increase. It’s the same situation when Christmas or Easter rolls around. We can go on with the examples, but I am sure you already understand what I mean.

Using this art, you will transform your platform into a very comfortable and beautiful place. This will also affect your success and relationships.

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Blog Chi Feng Shui

Feng Shui has roots in the holistic perception of the world. According to this technique, all things are equally alive and have an energetic meaning and value; through all things, the same energy flows.

The Chi flows through your online activity and through your online platforms.

If this energy

  • is stagnant (the case of an overloaded website)
  • moves too quickly (as with an empty blog)
  • is obstructed (advertising placed in the wrong places)

the Chi becomes unbalanced, and this can lead to posting blockages, adverse reactions with your visitors, financial issues and even loss of business.

Through applying the technique of Feng Shui, you can repair all these problems, or you can cancel them out and as a result, the harmony and prosperity will return to your online activity.

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