How to be Creative
Like a PRO

be creative like a pro

  1. To be creative, it means to trust in you. It means instead of asking yourself why something has happened when you see it happening, as others are asking, you instead see what it could be and ask yourself “Why not?”

  2. A creative mind observes information through the world around, finds the relationship between the facts and just connects the dots, creates new original and useful products. And what can be more useful than a book created by a writer?

  3. Creativity is the result of how you think; opening your mind and creating the best environmental conditions for your writing process also belongs to the way you think.

  4. For sure, you can’t give someone a shot of creativity as you would when injecting a medicine into their veins. But you can create the environmental conditions to get the best out of them.

  5. Creative thinking allows you to break all the barriers. Some of these barriers are there in front of your eyes, but you can’t see them because they have energetical roots. But you can receive the keys called Feng Shui techniques, and with them open the locks that temporarily keep the gates to creativity closed. Those closed gates are, in fact, the stress that makes us lose time being trapped in a mental blockage. The ability to reduce this amount of stress can be boosted by Chi flow; use this ancient art, and you will attract fresh, creative energy necessary for your writings.

be creative

Being a writer, your creativity is reflected in your writing.
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To Feng Shui your writing space, it doesn’t mean that you have to create a peaceful place in which you have to meditate. To the contrary, it means to create a space in which the energy will give you all that you need to connect the creative dots so your final product will see the Light. And more than this, it can also be seen by others.

So, don’t expect to Feng Shui your space to meditate if you are writing a historical book about wars, or if you approach the fantasy novels where demons and monsters are surrounding your main character. It’s obvious that for this, you need to boost the fire element in your environment. And the examples can continue but I am sure you already caught the main idea.

Being a writer, for sure you already chose a niche to practice your creativity in. Even applying the art of Feng Shui into your writing process means to be creative. What better advice to mention towards this subject, other than… you have to practice your creativity while studying the Bagua map, mentioned in Best Way To Utilize BAGUA For Your Blog?

Try it! It’s not so hard.


The 3 Ultimate Feng Shui Steps to Boost Your Writing Creativity

feng shui steps

  • First… think about your niche.
  • Second… look at the Bagua map and according to your niche, detect the zones that you must concentrate on.
  • Third… be creative and boost the energy of those zones.

OK. You did it!

Now… notice the changes in your writing life.

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