How to become a Ninja Writer by overcoming the Killing Chi

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The writer’s traditional office space should be designed in a Yang style. This means you have an open space with plenty of excess room to freely promote moving chi residing within the office space.

If your office is placed in your home, tuning it to complement your personality is a must.

There are many Feng Shui techniques that can increase your productivity and make your creativity reach the highest levels.

But… you must be aware that… there are also lots of external influences that can damage the flow of your writing life. The good news is that Feng Shui provides you the necessary remedies. Let’s not forget that we are not talking about new discoveries here, but we learn to use one of the oldest arts and techniques that can help you Master your life.


3 Outdoor Elements that can Boost Your Writing

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  1. The room that you will choose to write in should be one where the sunlight can freely enter. An office with large windows is very good for Chi flow, but if we don’t have windows, we can fix this by hanging a painting on the wall depicting water or a garden scene.
  2. If you can see a mountain that is too close from your window, then you will face obstacles in your publishing process. To avoid this, you can use one of the best tools that a Feng Shui practitioner has in his/her handbag… a Bagua mirror. Hang it outside your building so it will reject the mountain’s negative influence. But, if the mountain is far enough, this is a very good thing because it will bring you protection.
  3. If outside the building, in front of the office window is a living water element, this will have a positive effect on your writing. However, you must be aware that, in the case of stagnant water, in time, the energies of that place will cause financial difficulties, stagnant career and health problems. If this kind of water is near your home, try to maintain it well, so as to always have clean water. A combination of red and black colored objects placed near the water will enhance the chi. Plants have a good effect when added if the water is placed inside an angular shape.

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Get rid of the Outdoor Killing Chi

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Most writers live in buildings that are not isolated. As a writer, I would myself prefer to live somewhere where I will not be disturbed, but… until I succeed in moving outside the big city, I will try to manage any situations I encounter.

An example of a situation is… the other buildings adjacent to my home, which send man-made Sha Chi towards my writing desk.

The Sha Chi is the negative side of Chi, also called the “killing Chi” and can be natural or man-made.

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  1. Avoid the buildings with man-made Sha Chi. In case that your writing space is located in a building towards which, the Sha Chi is directed, and you don’t want to move it, then the remedy is to place a Feng Shui Bagua mirror in its direction, which cures the effect of the poison arrow. This kind of exterior Sha Chi is produced by sharp corners, square buildings, walls, sharp roofs, pillars, telephone poles, bridges, cemeteries, and roads, which point these poison arrows towards your writing space.
    • The Bagua mirrors can be concave, convex or flat. You must keep in mind that they are not ornamental objects and must be used only when a Sha Chi is affecting you.
    • For poison arrows that come from buildings or objects, it is good to use a convex mirror so that the Chi will be deflected.
    • If the Sha Chi comes from a bad attitude (like envy) which the neighbors send towards your writing life, it is better to use a concave Bagua mirror. In this way, the poison arrows will be absorbed and annihilated. It is of no help to reflect it back to the neighbors. This will cause more hate, and soon the situation will become unmanageable.
  2. When you meet a natural Sha Chi, even if it is a Chi trapped on the surface or below the surface of our location, it is better if you could relocate. This kind of Sha Chi is very hard to negate or overcome unless you can find the real cause for it. Sometimes this can only be the radiance from some rocks nearby, or maybe you have an underground cave that stocks the energy. This can be somehow fixed if moving is not an option. But if the natural Sha Chi is caused by the past suffering of the people who lived in those places, it is preferable to move. There are very few people who can handle and heal this type of a Sha Chi situation.

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