How Your Desk Makes You a Better Writer

How Your Desk Makes You a Better Writer

Everybody knows that being a writer, it’s very important to have a good connection with your Muse. You can look at her as a form of energy that influence your mood and your creative mind.

Let’s admit it, as a writer you feel really great when your Muse is embracing you. A great mood allows the gates to your creativity to be wide opened. This gives you the chance to add on paper or the screen, flowing words that touch your readers’ hearts.

In simple words… this increases your productivity as a writer, which is related to your creativity. And your creativity is related with the harmony in your writing space.

To find the harmony in his writing place, the writer needs to apply the productivity principles combined with a design and layout that is suitable for the nature of the writing process.

There are many ways of influencing the productivity’s rhythm and one of them is… your desk.

This almost mandatory piece of furniture is a tool that, if it’s used well… your entire writing life will be changed.

Try to look at your desk like it’s a small universe that is influencing your life. If you really wish to smooth your path and let the Chi flow in order to boost each domain in your life, then one of the main things you must do is pay attention to your desk where you write your books and articles.

You have to understand that the state of your desk is a reflection of your work, and the state of your work is a reflection of your desk. They are so interdependent and if you want one of them to be positively influenced than you have to take care of the other one also. This interdependence determines the success of your writing career.

According to Feng Shui science, there are several things that you should never forget to take into consideration.

For now, let us see…

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4 Feng Shui Tips a Writer should Know

(Each tip will be detailed in future articles)

Feng Shui Tips a Writer

  1. Properly choose your desk. The furniture and its shape is very important for your writing productivity. Remember to always choose furniture with round corners for your office. A wood desk is always preferable to a metallic one. A desk having a roll out drawer for the keyboard will give you extra workspace on its surface.

  2. Place your desk in the Commander’s position. Your desk is the place where you will spend all your working days; this is the place where you will write. The ideal commander position is when sitting on the chair, we can directly view the door but not be directly aligned with it, also to be able to see the window and have a solid wall behind our back. If the space that you have doesn’t allow you to do this, you can Feng Shui the position of your desk by placing a mirror on it in which case you can now perfectly view the entrance to your office.

  3. Decorate and arrange your desk according to your writing genre. The decorations that we should always use must inspire and speak to us about abundance, prosperity, success… in a few words, everything that we want to accomplish. Don’t choose to decorate all the zones of your desk. Take care only of what’s more representative for your genre. If not… you will transform it into a museum, and I doubt that you’ll write comfortably after this. Let’s see which section of the desk (represented by the Bagua map) each writer should focus on.

    1. Wealth & Prosperity – poets, novelists, lyricists, speechwriters, editors… are the only few types of writers who should focus on the left-rear corner of the desk.

    2. Fame & Reputation – all the writers should take advantage by taking care of the center-rear of the Bagua map.

    3. Love & Relationships – for romance writers, influencing the right-rear corner is a “must”. Poets, lyricists, screenwriters, dating bloggers, memoirists are some of the types of writers who can take advantage of this area.

    4. Creativity & Children – all writers should pay attention to the right-center of the grid, but the writers of books for children will have the best results.

    5. Helpful People and Travel – take care of the right-front square if you are a diarist, journalist, writer of sacred texts or a traveling blogger.

    6. Career & Path in life – poets, novelists, historians, researchers, columnists, bloggers and many other types of writers must pay attention to the center-front area.

    7. Knowledge and Wisdom – inspirational writers and bloggers will have maximum results from taking care of the left-front corner.

    8. Family & Health – bloggers and writers, especially copywriters for health and the dating niche will boost their writing mood influencing the left-center square on the Bagua map.

  4. De-clutter your desk and keep it like that. This is maybe the most important advice, even if it seems to be so childish. Keep your desk organized. We already know that our subconscious mind has a strong connection with the environment we are working in, so our mind is directly influenced by what’s around us. If we want to keep a clear mind, to increase our productivity by boosting our creativity, we need an uncluttered desk. Don’t auto sabotage your potential opportunities having a cluttered desk.

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