Music Chosen by the Heart
(Part 3)

Music Chosen by the Heart

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As we mentioned before, the best thing is for you to follow your heart when it is about making choices. Even if on a rational level you may or may not understand your choice, on a deeper internal level, your heart knows what is best for your highest good.

Even in ancient times, people started making general observations and tried to synthesize everything for the future generations to use. These studies and reports are generally functioning but… my advice is to still listen to your heart. For each person, the general rules may or may not apply.

If for example, a romance writer, who according to the studies (see part 2 – Which of the Five Cosmic Tones Makes you a Better Writer) is uplifted by the Kung tone, yet feels that he doesn’t resonate with the Serpent’s music, this means that he lacks the earth element. People who lack this element may not love the element and will not be uplifted by the drum beats that can be too loud for them.

Always follow your heart. If you feel uncomfortable listening to a certain type of music, this means it will not bring you any good changes if you continue to listen to it. Even if it is a healing situation, you need to listen to what resonates with you, even if the healer tells you something different. Listening to the wrong music against your heart’s will can harm your energetic field.

The same is true for writers… meaning for YOU. 🙂

Music carries vibrant frequencies which, if it resonates with the subtle energy of your writing space, will enhance the flow of your Chi. This in itself will create a positive atmosphere, unique for you; a state of serenity that helps your mind to quickly comprehend the essence of tranquility.

You always hear people say to follow your heart. Making the choice to purchase “Feng Shui for Writers” will prove that best choices are always made when listening to your heart.

00:00 – 02:54 ► Shui – Water
02:54 – 05:03 ► Mu – Wood
05:08 – 07:16 ► Huo – Fire
07:18 – 10:25 ► Tu – Earth
10:30 – 12:40 ► Jin – Metal

Because we are different, our response to the music vibration is different; therefore we are touched by it in various ways. Music influences us according with the season we cross, with our emotions (while healing them) and even with the planets which temporarily or permanently are ruling our destinies.

Therefore, if while in the writing act you feel anxiety, over-excitement, fear, anger, grief or anything related, you should take listening to music into consideration.


catElement: Metal
Tone: Shang
Direction: West
Season: Autumn
Planet: Venus
Emotions: Grief


dragonElement: Wood
Tone: Chueh
Direction: East
Season: Spring
Planet: Jupiter
Emotions: Anger


turtleElement: Water
Tone: Yu
Direction: North
Season: Winter
Planet: Mercury
Emotions: Fear


birdElement: Fire
Tone: Jyu
Direction: South
Season: Summer
Planet: Mars
Emotions: Over-excitement


snakeElement: Earth
Tone: Kung
Direction: Center
Season: Change of seasons
Planet: Saturn
Emotions: Anxiety


Of course, you will need to correlate all the information received in this series of articles about music in your writing life and listen… always listening to your heart… you will adapt them to your case. If you feel lost with this information, I am here for you, and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

During the history of humanity, the healers from all the eras and origins noticed that certain patterns of the heart beats are modified by the beats of the drum, by flutes or strings and a specific cerebral state called Theta is activated. This state is related with precursor stages of a deep sleep, and also with a very high mental creativity.

For writers, this is a very important process. Even if everything depends on each person, usually, while the left hemisphere of our brain processes the language and the logic, the right hemisphere doesn’t understand the “language” issues. It is mainly processing the spatial information, the paradoxes, and the non-verbal knowledge. Listening to sounds or pure music (without lyrics), a person stimulates the cellular activities in the right hemisphere of their brain. When this happens, both hemispheres start putting together all the information in an accelerated way, and these are moments when… what we call miracles, can happen.

During our history, there have been numerous cases of persons who after waking up from a deep sleep, started speaking unknown languages, discovered chemical formulas or laws of physics, or composed amazing musical pieces. Imagine a writer, who listens to the proper music that his heart needs… what written treasures he can put on paper.

When the right hemisphere of the brain is stimulated by pure sounds and music, an extraordinary state of consciousness is reached because the perception of reality (both internal and external) will differ from the ordinary daily insight, and a new level of reality can be reached.

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