The Best Way to Utilize BAGUA For Your Blog

Best Way To Utilize Bagua

The practitioners of Feng Shui developed an instrument called Bagua which is, in fact, a Feng Shui map. This map indicated where specific objects must be placed to improve the energy of any place.

Depending on your website’s niche, you can focus on influencing and bringing good luck in the zones of:

  • Travel & Helpful people
  • Children & Creativity
  • Romance & Relationships
  • Fame & Reputation
  • Wealth & Prosperity
  • Career & Path in life
  • Health, Family
  • Skills & Knowledge
  • Spirituality

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The Western Feng Shui school, called the Modern school or Three Gates, aligns the Bagua with the front door of the house or office.

When it’s about my online platform, I consider the Home Page as being the door and the bottom center section of the Bagua map as being the web design.

If you want to influence these zones, you place the Bagua on the desktop to locate them. In this way, you know how to bring good luck in specific zones that lack it.

There are 9-squares in a Bagua (also named Pakua or Ba-Gua) that map out the location of any space, and it’s the tool that analyzes the energy of that space.

The nine Feng Shui zones of Bagua are as follows:
bagua map

  1. North (compass reading from 337.5 to 22.5 degrees)
    Element: Water
    Colors: Dark Blue and Black
    Life Zone: Career & Path in Life
  2. Northeast (compass reading from 22.5 to 67.5 degrees)
    Element: Earth
    Colors: Black, Blue, Green
    Life Zone: Wisdom & Knowledge
  3. East (compass reading from 67.5 to 112.5 degrees)
    Element: Wood
    Colors: Blue and Green
    Life Zone: Health & Family
  4. Southeast (compass reading from 112.5 to 157.5 degrees)
    Element: Wood
    Colors: Blue, Purple, and Red
    Life Zone: Wealth & Prosperity
  5. South (compass reading from 157.5 to 202.5 degrees)
    Element: Fire
    Colors: Red and Purple
    Life Zone: Fame & Reputation
  6. Southwest (compass reading from 202.5 to 247.5 degrees)
    Element: Earth
    Colors: Pink, Red, and White
    Life Zone: Love & Relationships
  7. West (compass reading from 247.5 to 292.5 degrees)
    Element: Metal
    Colors: White and Pastels
    Life Zone: Creativity & Children
  8. Northwest (compass reading from 292.5 to 337.5 degrees)
    Feng Shui Element: Metal
    Colors: White, Black, and Gray
    Life Zone: Helpful People & Travel
  9. Center
    Feng Shui Element: Earth
    Colors: Yellow, Orange, and Brown
    Life Zone: Spirituality

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