The Writer’s Bloodstone And The Lost Ring


Riham, my friend, told me yesterday that her Bloodstone Ring was lost. She seemed to be so upset and worried. Upset because she loved that ring, worried because lately, she has been encountering several weird situations… or better said dangerous, and with this loss she wondered if all that’s been happening was not related to some kind of energetically negative influence.

Being a native wonderer, of course, I instantly asked myself what was the reason that stood behind this loss. I have this fixed idea that all that happens in our lives is, in fact, a good thing, even if we perceive it or not. Eventually, we will understand why all that has happened had to happen.

As I always say, to understand, feel and appreciate something that we have in our life, we must first experience this great state of lacking exactly that thing.

Wondering what reasons must a crystal have to disappear suddenly and to cause such a lack, I started adding all the information I had at that moment on paper.

First… my friend is a Writer. She is also many other wonderful “things”, but… what I now feel connected with the lost ring, is the Writer inside her heart.

Second… A Bloodstone is a crystal that gives you a strong sense of determination. There are moments in life when you can feel lost, and it is as if you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. In moments like this, a bloodstone can tremendously help you. This crystal’s vibration helps you find a deep sense of spiritual tenacity inside yourself. If you have moments when you are afraid… no matter what the reason… this stone will deliver a boost of energy that will make you overcome the fear.

Bloodstones are a variety of green Chalcedony; they have red spots that are inclusions of red Jasper and depending on the predominant color it can be

  • Red, or
  • Green

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11 Gifts a Bloodstone gives a Writer

bloodstone crystal

  1. The Bloodstone is a crystal that instills courage and strength. If your writing life is somehow blocked, if you suddenly start to doubt all that is relating to your writing, this crystal will be one of your main helpers.

  2. In old times, it was known as Heliotrope. People were used to wearing this crystal when they were targeting their self-esteem. A writer would always take advantage of this crystal’s influence. What writer would ever want to decrease their self-esteem?

  3. It helps you to regain your personal powers, courage and strength of mind to do what has to be done in life at a specific moment. For a nonfiction writer, having strength of mind is a must! Not that a fiction writer should not have it, but let’s face the truth… the nonfiction field should always follow logic and clear line, so the reader will be able to understand the approached subject.

  4. According with the old stories, a bloodstone was perfectly able to take you out of any dangerous situations. Moreover, whenever a dangerous event was about to take place in your life, wearing a bloodstone could even help you avoid that situation. You can cross a not so comfortable situation, and you can even be upset because of it. But… if one of your nonspeaking friends is a bloodstone, you may never know what event you really had to cross. With your friend’s help, you could avoid a more dangerous situation that maybe was waiting for you around the corner.

  5. It is also said that a bloodstone has magical and mystical powers. Whether it is true or not, only having it, will you find out. From my point of view, by having this crystal, a writer would be able to dig deeper into a theme that touches the “unknown” residing “behind the veil”.

  6. A timid writer will dissipate any confusion; will find his peace of mind and serene state while adding a bloodstone in their environment. Being “timid” is somehow a negative state (not that something is really negative, but we must use human words and definition to talk about a subject) and this crystal will repulse the negativity from the writer’s auric field.

  7. This stone works mainly within the root, the sacral, and the heart chakras. This subject is too complex to develop here, but it must be mentioned. A writer has chakras also… doesn’t he? 🙂

  8. By having a bloodstone near you, your writing creativity will bloom, and the writing creations will become outstanding.

  9. If you are fond of astrology, if you are born an Aries, Libra or Pisces, this stone will be one of your best friends in life.

  10. The stone is a blood purifier, kidneys, intestines and liver healer and one of its main effects is the toxin elimination. Therefore, if your niche as a writer is medicine, health or something related, possessing it will help you because it is a healing stone.

  11. If you are like me, there are many nights when you dream about what you will write the following day. Having a bloodstone near your bed while sleeping will help stimulate your dreams and not only revitalize your body but you will also take advantage of this mystical stone in your dreams.

bloodstone pyramid

It seems that a bloodstone is a must have in everyone’s home. While I was writing this article, I looked into my collection of crystals and discovered… stupefied… that no bloodstone was included. Therefore, my next step will be to go grab one, because… simply because… my friend’s lost ring made me understand what a tremendous treasure a bloodstone would be.

Moreover… while writing the above words, my friend called me. She was so happy because… because she found the lost bloodstone ring! Yay!!! You did such a great job, Riham! Now… not only will you appreciate more what you lacked for a short time, but you will also be aware of its tremendous powers. Even if… I have a feeling you already knew about all these gifts. Together with you, I will also take advantage of my future new nonspeaking friend and maybe… our writer readers will do the same… Isn’t it so?


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