5 Essential Tips and a Top Secret for your Cubicle Desk

5 Essential Tips and a Top Secret for your Cubicle Desk

If you are an employee working as a writer and by chance unlucky enough to have your boss lay out the company’s office space with cubicle desks, you must know that from an esoteric point of view this situation seems to be dangerous.

I said that it “seems to be”, but I also say… don’t lose your hope even if your boss doesn’t allow you to completely modify his favorite design.

Unfortunately, many possessors of cubicle desks don’t know how they can bring remedies to this situation and, for this reason, the negative energy is flowing freely, influencing their lives.

Many times, the cubicle desk from such an office creates barriers for the flowing chi and cancels out any possible shelters; energetically poisoned arrows are directed at the writer.

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The good news is that…

A cubicle design is a powerful way to transform your working place into an area in which your creativity, productivity, and abundance are highly boosted. You must only keep a few tips and secrets in mind.

  1. If you can’t place the desk in the commander position, it is necessary to place a mirror on it, so you can always see what is happening behind you. In this way, you will never feel energetically attacked or anxious.
  2. Never forget to un-clutter your desk. There is no acceptable reason to block more of the good energy in a cubicle situation.
  3. Be sure that you have proper lighting, and if not, add a lamp to cure this issue. The light will activate Chi, and it will stimulate the clarity with which you need to write.
  4. Color your cubicle world and don’t let the lack of colors block the Chi flow. Transform your cubicle desk into a place where you feel alive, so your writing creativity and productivity will be boosted.
  5. Add plants to your desk especially in the areas that need it. In cubicle Feng Shui, plants are essential because they reject negative energy and soften any sharp corner or edges.

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Now let me tell you a very important secret…

top secret

Even if you are a Feng Shui fan, and deep inside you know many other remedies that can be applied when you are an employee, if you have coworkers, don’t try to hang wind chimes, Bagua mirrors and three legged frogs into your cubicle office. Believe me… people will look at you strangely and you will not have a very good time while being at the office.

But if your secret plan is to become a freelancer, I advise you to use all the Feng Shui remedies. In this way, you will succeed to feel so uncomfortable when your coworkers give you a hard time that one day you will decide to quit your job and… a new bright future will open up for your writing career.

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