To Clutter, or to Unclutter… That Is The Question

To clutter, or to unclutter

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One of the most important factors that influence your productivity and the creative act is… the clutter, or better said the “unclutter”.

If you are really serious about reaching your writing goals, you must take care of this aspect. I know, you’ve probably heard it so many times that you are already feeling bored reading this again. OK. That’s fine. But… look around you, examine your desk and sincerely tell yourself that you have already taken care of this matter.

Without doing this, there’s no reason trying other tips to increase your productivity. Of course, you can try to prove to the whole world that this doesn’t affect you. If you’ve read my posts from time to time, you already know that the main idea behind anything that I write is that if you really want something bad enough, nothing in this world can stop you from reaching your goal. In this case… the main problem is… determining what in fact is your goal?

To clutter, or to unclutter… that is the question that would probably have been better asked by Hamlet. You know Hamlet, don’t you? Yes, he’s Shakespeare’s main character in his renowned play, who contemplated the eternal and universal, “to be or not to be… that is the question”.

To increase your productivity and to positively influence your creative act, or… to prove to the whole world that the clutter around you and your desk doesn’t have any negative influence?

If you belong to the group looking to prove something to the world, then I sincerely wish you success and advise you not to lose any more time reading further. Better to use that time proving that you are indeed productive working on your cluttered desk.

If, by chance, you belong to the group looking for answers to the first part of the question, then I welcome you to check the…


4 Tips To Boost Your Creativity With Your Uncluttered Desk

  1. Keep your desk organized. It is imperative to maintain an uncluttered working space when writing. We already know that our subconscious mind has a strong connection with the environment we are working in, so our mind is directly influenced by what’s around us. As writers, if we want to keep a clear mind, to increase our productivity by boosting our creativity, we need an uncluttered desk.

  2. To unclutter a desk doesn’t mean only cleaning it by dusting. It also means not storing too many things on it, even if they are needed; they have their position in other places. Don’t keep excessive equipment, files and paperwork on your desk. Find another place for them near you and free your desk of what’s unnecessary. Don’t auto sabotage your potential opportunities by having a cluttered desk.

  3. To unclutter the desk, also means to pay attention to any wires and cords, and to hide them as much as possible. The area under your desk also belongs to your working place so keep it clean and free of clutter. Maintain enough free space there so you can stretch your legs whenever you feel the need to do it. There is a very interesting fact that was noticed regarding this. Stretching your body also stretches your mind, and this is very good for your creative process.

  4. If your desk has drawers, note that these are also very important for your writing career. Keep them uncluttered and organized.

Now… simply apply the above tips and… write.

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things,” ~ Ray Bradbury.

Comfortably sit in your chair, at your uncluttered desk and write. A writer writes!

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