When Shang Tone upholds the Writer’s Office
(Part 7)


Illustration: Pixabay-Silvia

The Shang tone is a solemn and magnificent music style, which transmits positive vibrations and cancels the negative around you. Shang melodies are heavy, like metal, unbending. Frequent listening makes one righteous and friendly.

  • Element: Metal
  • Animal archetype: Tiger
  • Representative instruments: metal percussion instruments such as gongs (luo) and bells (bian zhong)
luo bian-zhong
  • Associate color: White
  • Characteristics: purity, cleanliness, serenity and convergence. It helps to induce the Chi inside the body.
  • It influences the helpful people in the writer’s life, the benefactors, support network, the masculine aspects and his travels.
  • Playing it is recommended if the writing place: is facing east or southeast, is placed near the beginning or the end of a street, sits near a landfill or a cemetery.


Track list (You can download it on iTunes below):

  1. Tiger, Pt. 1 Sie Guo-hua 00:00-25:32
  2. Metal, Pt. I Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra 25:38-52:52

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