When the Chueh Tone upholds the Writer’s Office
(Part 4)


Illustration: OpenClipArtVectors and Pixabay

The Chueh tone is a gentle, melodic, ornate and expressive musical style. It transmits vibrations to activate the vitality and to create prosperity. By listening to this music you soothe the emotion of anger.

It helps to release the excessive Chi inside the body. Chueh-based music awakens all life anew and makes one kindhearted and conciliatory.

  • Element: Wood
  • Animal archetype: Dragon
  • Representative instruments: blown woodwind instruments such as bamboo transverse flute (di or dizi) and notched flute (xiao or dongxiao)
woodwind-instrument1 woodwind-instrument2
  • Associate color: Green
  • Characteristics: growth, freshness, fertility and renewal, as well as transcendence
  • It influences : the wealth and prosperity produced by the writing act and the family life (new beginnings, initiations, health)
  • Recommended to be played if the writing place: faces west or northwest, if the office has an extremely short ceiling, doesn’t have sufficient sunlight, needs more green plants and is placed in a city where it’s blocked by tall buildings.


Track list (You can download it on iTunes):

  1. Dragon, Pt. I Wang Jian-Min 00:00-23:00
  2. Wood, Pt. II Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra 23:02-49:00

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