When the Jyu Tone upholds the Writer’s Office
(Part 5)

jyu tune

Jyu tone has a rhythmic and lively musical style. It transmits vibrations to strengthen the writer’s inner resilience and inspire joyful feelings. Jyu music is highly emotional, like fire. It affects the heart and by listening to it makes one generous.

  • Element: Fire
  • Animal archetype: Phoenix
  • Representative instrument: plucked strings (Pipa), percussion instruments (Bianzhong) and blown woodwind instruments (suona)
pipa suona bianzhong
  • Associated color: red
  • Characteristics: increases happiness and prosperity by adjusting the energy of your writing space. Warmth, strength, power and determination as well as passion. It helps enhance the Chi in the body and to reach your career goals.
  • Influences the writer’s fame (your reputation, what you are famous for).
  • Playing it is recommended if the writing place: faces north, is located in a humid area, has a main door that opens towards a power line pole, or are stifled with stagnant air circulation.


Track list (You can download it on iTunes below):

  1. Phoenix, Pt. 2 Wang Jian-Min 00:00-24:49
  2. Fire, Pt. I Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra 23:50-49:10

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