When the Kung Tone upholds the Writer’s Office
(Part 6)

Kung Tone snake

Illustration: ClkerFreeVectorImages

The Kung tone has a simple and ingenious music style that transmits stable vibrations to fortify the foundation of the writing space. Kung-based melodies are classified as noble and Earth-related songs. By listening to such music often, one is made tolerant and kind.

  • Element: Earth
  • Animal: Serpent
  • Representative instruments: bowed strings (such as Gehu and Erhu)
gehu erhu
  • Associate color: yellow
  • Characteristics: sustenance, tolerance and nourishment. It soothes the emotion of worry and achieves longevity. It maintains the stability of Chi within the body.
  • It influences love, partnership, feminine aspects, the balance of health, the centeredness, the knowledge and self-cultivation towards understanding spirituality.
  • Playing it is recommended if the writing place: faces northeast or southwest, and it is located at higher levels in a building.


Track list (You can download it on iTunes below):

  1. Serpent, Pt. 1 Wang Jian-Min 00:00-23:06
  2. Earth, Pt. I Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra 23:07-47:35

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