When Yu Tone upholds the Writer’s Office
(Part 8)


Illustration: ClkerFreeVectorImages

The Yu tone is a flowing, tender and extensive musical style. It transmits caring vibrations to calm the mind while it generates persistence and attracts lucrative opportunities. Yu-based tunes are melancholy, like placidly running water. Listening to these tunes makes one mentally balanced and gentle, sad but not hurt, and content but not to excess.

  • Element: Water
  • Animal archetype: Tortoise
  • Representative instruments: plucked string instruments such as Chinese harps (guzheng and guqin).
guzheng guqin
  • Associate color: black
  • Characteristics: lenience, fertilization and motion, as well as life. It helps to descend the Chi inside the body.
  • It influences the writing career, the communications, the social connections and the wisdom.
  • Playing it is recommended if the writing place: faces south or is located on the west side of a busy street, is situated in a dry area, or the office needs some financial energy.


Track list (You can download it on iTunes below):

  1. Tortoise, Pt. 1 Wang Jian-Min 00:00-23:52
  2. Water, Pt. II Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra 23:54-47:47

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