Which of the
Five Cosmic Tones
makes you a Better Writer?
(Part 2)

Five Cosmic Tones

Music can bring miraculous changes to your energy and life. Being a part of your life, by listening to music, you can also influence the writing act.

We mentioned in the first part of this article “15 Facts About Music Every Writer Should Know” that there are five tones in Feng Shui music.

For each Feng Shui tone, there is one element associated which is released by the music of animals that they correspond to.

The five music tones is based on a theory of the Five Cosmic Tones corresponding to five organs of the human body, and each one is associated with the music of one animal. Once the electromagnetic energy flows harmoniously, the writer’s Chi is regulated, and his personal spirit is transformed.

The acoustic effects of these five tones moderates the flowing Chi in one’s body in response to the release of Wood Chi, the rise of the Fire Chi, the stability of the Earth Chi, the induction of the Metal Chi and the descent of the Water Chi. Some Feng Shui musicians recommend that the music be played in the following sequence: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

The music based on the five tones theory helps people improve their lives through the energy released by this music that opens the door to a new world of health, luck and happiness.

Now let’s take a look and see what cosmic tone, which element and animal boost your writing productivity and creativity.

To increase your writing productivity and creativity, you can listen to Feng Shui music and let the cosmic tones carry you through the pages of “Feng Shui for Writers” written especially for you, the writer.

Five Cosmic Tones for a Better Writer

  • Chueh Tone
    • Element: Wood
    • Animal: Dragon
    • Influence on: liver
    • Writers who are most uplifted: novelists, speechwriters, coaches writers, biographers, Romance writers, translators, bloggers (for health, spiritual, coaching and manifesting niches), letter copywriters (especially donation niche).
    • Dragon:
  • Jyu Tone
    • Element: Fire
    • Animal: Phoenix
    • Influence on: heart. This music gives the qualities of intuition and passion.
    • Writers who are most uplifted: Any writer whose goal is to become an influencer in his niche.
    • Phoenix:
  • Kung Tone
    • Element: Earth
    • Animal: Serpent. The serpent’s music uplifts the soul and releases the earth’s energy.
    • Influence on: spleen and stomach
    • Writers who are most uplifted: romance writers, novelists, poets, lyricists, librettists, speechwriters, biographers, encyclopedists, researchers, writers of sacred texts, historians, translators, journalists, editors, copywriters working on health niche, women’s niche.
    • Serpent:
  • Shang Tone
    • Element: Metal
    • Animal: Tiger
    • Influence on: Lungs
    • Writers who are most uplifted: coaches, bloggers, speechwriters, male niches, editors, reviewers, traveling copywriters, letter copywriters, columnists, technical writers, scribes.
    • Tiger:
  • Yu Tone
    • Element: Water
    • Animal: Tortoise
    • Influence on: kidneys. The water music calms the human body.
    • Writers who are most uplifted: coaches, technical writers, satirists, playwrights, speechwriters, biographers, essayists, critics, encyclopedists, historians, researchers, translators, bloggers, diarists, journalists, columnists, memoirists, letter writers.
    • Tortoise:

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