Why would the world end without colors?

Aren’t you tempted to go directly to the final answer here? I am.
Why would the world end without colors?

  1. Because of you… the writers.
  2. Because you make this world more beautiful through your words.
  3. Because colors influence your writing life.
  4. Because if you don’t have colors in your life, you will end up not writing due to a non-color depression that will envelop your mind.
  5. Because if writers stop writing, the world will lose its beauty step by step.
  6. Because if the world loses its beauty, its final day will fast approach.

Yes, we are more than entitled to state, “When the writer stops writing, the world dies.TWEET THIS

This apocalyptic scenario can be canceled at any time.
Let the writers write!
How can they do it? There are many ways, and one of them is to boost their creativity through colors. Colors have a silent language that has its own vibration, exactly like music has.

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Three colors to Feng Shui your Creativity

  1. Use red if you are a novelist writer, a screenwriter, a speechwriter. You will create the most brilliant fighting scenes, the most passionate romantic moments, and you will instill passion in your audience. Use red if you are a critic, but try to compensate your criticism influenced by this color with a color that will bring some balance. Ultimately you don’t want to ruin someone’s career.
  2. Use yellow if you are a speechwriter, researcher, letter writer, scribe, or report writer. Your all being will become more communicative, and you will succeed to instill into your readers lives more optimism and hope.
  3. Use a lot of blue if you are a writer, but use more of it if you are a poet, biographer, encyclopedist, essayist, translator, memoirist or writer of sacred texts. This color will increase your contemplative state, the creativity and the desire for spirituality.

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There are so many colors; they have so much influence and we can use their hidden powers in our lives, in our office, for our writing mood and capacity. What we didn’t mention, and it’s a must when we work with energies, is that we always have to listen to our hearts. The subconscious mind already has all the information inside it. If we learn how to listen to our hearts, and trust what it is telling us, then we will always make the right decision for our needs.

So if, for example, we feel the need to have a specific color around us in the office, I advise you to do whatever is necessary for you to have it; even if the manuals are telling you a different thing. Especially when we are talking about the influence of colors, we need to understand that this is somehow subjective because they also have cultural references and a biological influence.

If the meaning of your life is to help this world to become better, use colors. Use them and write!

When a writer writes, the world vividly lives.

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