WRITERS! 5 Tips For Your Office Desk

5 tips for your office desk

Obviously, a writer writes. To do their best, the writer needs a comfortable place. Of course, as a writer you can write anywhere but if you are serious about it, you’ll certainly need an office. No matter whether you have an office you go to, or one at home, the furniture and its shape is very important for your productivity and creativity.

People tend to buy furniture according to what’s fashionable. While this is not the wrong criteria, you wouldn’t want to do it if your life didn’t depend on it. But… for you, the office becomes a sacred space. Therefore, you need to take into consideration many aspects. According to Feng Shui science, you have to be aware of your office Chi.

Perhaps the most important piece at your office is your desk.

According to your preferences, you choose the size of your desk so you can place on it all the objects and equipment you think it’s necessary for your writing process.

Personally, I prefer an adequate size, able to include my laptop, a small shelve for my documents and daily notes, some object to hold my writing instruments, my phone device, and, of course, having enough free spaces to move my hands.

Possessing a desk with a roll out drawer for a keyboard, but only utilizing my laptop and not a standard computer, I am able to use this drawer to keep some more handy personal documents and notes that I would use daily. So, this too provides me some extra free space on my desk.

Once you’ve already bought your office furniture, there are many ways you can adjust your writing space to influence your productivity as a writer.

However, to obtain the best situation for your needs, you’ll want to follow these tips, and according to your goals, to purchase the right furniture.


5 Tips To Optimize The Influence of your Office Desk

a writers desk

  1. Choose furniture with round corners for your office. If you already have furniture that has sharp corners, at least, pay attention to place it out of the flow of traffic. We talked in a previous article (How to become a Ninja Writer by overcoming the Killing Chi) about the bad Chi caused by the poisoned arrows of energy, so we will not develop the subject here. Any sharp corner is a source of these types of arrows.

  2. Choose stylish wood desks and forget about the metal cabinets that are often used in an office.

  3. If your furniture is not too high, a secret that few people know is to place small pieces of plastic or wood buffers under your desk to raise it a few inches. Do the same with your chair and raise it according to the new desk position. In a short period of time, you will notice how new opportunities will come your way.

  4. The shape of your desk influences your writing life as follows:

    • A curved shaped desk is very good for concentration, but only in the situation in which you are sitting on the inside of the curves, so the energy is pulled towards you.

    • A rectangular desk will also increase your concentration.

    • A desk in a circular shape is ideal for brainstorming and creativity.

    • A desk with a closed front establishes boundaries; it can make you feel protected.

    • A desk with an open front gives others a more comfortable feeling when they approach you.

  5. Your desk can be made of different materials. Here are the influential effects of each one:

    • Wood: brings predictability and support in your life and also gives a long lasting solid feeling.

    • Metal: keeps your mental energy alive.

    • Laminate: energetically neutral.

    • Glass: gives others the sensation that you have nothing to hide, but for you, it’s not such a comfortable situation because the energy moves too fast around you.